BlissFlow Entertainment

Blissflow Fae

Photo credit: Rival Tribes Media

Combining backgrounds in dance and gymnastics with a passion for flow arts, BlissFlow Entertainment creates dynamic acts involving prop manipulation, acrobatics, dance, and fire.

BlissFlow Fae is a hoop dancer, fire artist, and acrobat. After discovering hoop dance in 2007, she became dedicated to enchanting and inspiring others through circus arts. She trained gymnastics and classical dance for over 10 years and has spent time studying circus arts in multiple countries, learning from world-renowned teachers and performers.

Acts: hoop dance,acrobatics, fire hoop, fire fans, palm/foot torches, fire fleshing, fire eating, fire acrobatics, novelty fire props, and aerial hoop (lyra).

BlissFlow Entertainment has performed at corporate events, concerts, and festivals around the United States, including Electric Forest, Hulaween, Gem & Jam, Arise, the Telluride Fire Festival, and other Burning Man culture events. BlissFlow Fae taught and performed hoop dance at the 2015 Brazilian Hoop Convention. BlissFlow Acro taught its first workshop at the Spin Summit 2016 in Colorado.

BlissFlow Fae currently lives in Denver, CO. She performs, is a behavioral therapist, and coaches gymnastics. She has a Master’s degree in sport and performance psychology and teaches mental skills for performance excellence to circus artists and athletes.